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Pennsylvania State University

WMST 100: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

AFAM 100: Living While Black: Themes in African American Thought and Experience

WMST 301: Sexualities, Gender, and Power: Feminist Thought and Politics

WMST 497: Autobiography: Gender, Race, and Identity

The University of Kentucky

AAS 200:  Introduction to African American Studies

GWS 201: Gender and Popular Culture

University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

ERS 100: Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Studies

EFN 205: Understanding Human Differences

WGS 100: Introduction to Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGS 360: Hip Hop Culture, Race, and Gender

WGS 259: Girls and Women in Sports

WGS 331: Images of African American Women

WGS 330: Black Feminist Thought

WGS 330: Autobiography: Gender, Race, Identity

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